What is the role of a fertility doctor in IVF cycle?

Who is an IVF doctor?

IVF doctor or a fertility doctor is a specialist who is involved in the treatment of both male and female infertility. Fertility doctors carry out multiple roles in the treatment of a vast array of infertility conditions.

Roles of an infertility doctor

An infertility doctor plays many roles:
• Diagnosing the cause of infertility in individuals
• Surgically treating infertility medical conditions
• Developing a customized treatment plan
• Implementing the treatment plan

Once the main cause of infertility is determined, the fertility doctor is responsible for creating a customized treatment plan. There are a number of treatment options available based upon each patient’s exact medical needs. By tailoring the approach, fertility doctors are able to achieve higher pregnancy success rates in the most cost-effective way.

Technological advancement has been a beacon of hope for infertile couples worldwide. As per Dr. Gautam Allahbadia, an IVF specialist from mumbai, mentions that the procedures can be both mentally and physically challenging for the couples undergoing the treatment procedures. At this time doctors are important in giving them the hope, besides the necessary medical expertise.

“While specialists talk about the medical conditioning of infertility, the cognitive and emotional repercussions should be equally weighed. For couples who opt for assisted reproduction, the process can become effortless through a doctor’s support and encouragement. Empowering your patients can definitely help provide a better health outcome,” Dr. Gautam Allahbadia says, laying stress upon the additional role of a doctor.

Multiple studies back depicts unregulated stress adversely impacting a person’s reproductive ability. Often alluded as a form of ‘abnormality’ or ‘incompleteness’, infertility causes couples a silent grief, which often leads to emotional stress.

A de-stressed couple stands better chance at procreation than a stressed couple. The success of an IVF cycle can be enhanced considerably through medical interventions that reduce the psychological stress related to infertility and Assisted Reproduction Techniques. The proximity of stress to the timing of IVF cycle bears high consequence.

Undertaking an Assisted Reproduction Technique like IVF treatment can help infertile couples bear their own child. However, the process is long and intense process, and requires emotional, financial and physical contribution. Personalized fertility program involving the extended role of a doctor in a couple’s pregnancy journey, can help them develop a positive feeling, and gives them hope.

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