What Are The Benefits Of Stem Cell Therapy For Hip?

An Alternative to Hip Replacement and Surgery

The use of hip replacement and the medical procedure has become drastically over the years and has even turned out to be more typical among more younger individuals. But, the medical procedure isn’t the main solution. 

At the Institute of Medicine, offer stem cell treatment for hip joints as a safe and viable other option to hip replacement or medical procedure.

How Does The Stem Cell Therapy Work?

Stem cell treatment for hip joints is an outpatient method that takes a couple of hours to complete.

The procedure starts with the abstraction of stem cells and platelet rich plasma, also alluded to as PRP, from the patient’s blood and bone marrow, through this you will know how much is stem cell therapy is helpful in treating patients.

Stem cells are the regular healing system in the human body. They can transform into another kind of cells that are expected to repair a harmed hip joint, for example, muscle, ligament, or bone cells. In any case, as people get old, the number of stem cells in our body and their intensity decrease. 

It makes the body heal slower or not in the least from joint injuries in the hip. To counter this, doctors have built up an exclusive technique to revive the patient’s stem cells and infuse a high concentration of them specifically to the harmed area of the hip joint with the PRP.

Hip Replacement/Surgery VS. Stem Cell Therapy

The hip medical procedure frequently expects patients to stay in a hospital for a few days and is followed by a while of non-intrusive treatment or preparing. With a hip replacement, patients are encouraged to evade certain movements, for example, bowing and twisting for up to a year time span.

Furthermore, even after a patient’s hip joint has healed after a medical procedure, patients may not be allowed to do certain high effect exercises for activities, for example, games, running, and dancing.

How Many Stem Cell Injections Are Needed?

The medicinal group will decide on the correct treatment and the quantity of stem cell infusions after examine your medical records. Ordinarily, a single stem cell infusion is all that is expected to repair most hip joint injuries.

If the damage in the hip joint is more extreme, at that point further injections will be required. In these cases, the doctor injects extra PRP into the hip joint multi-month after the first injection to invigorate the at first injected stem cells to draw out their recuperating procedure, and afterward another injection half a month after that.

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You can easily know how much is stem cell therapy is used in the treatment of hip surgery.

Is Stem Cell Therapy Safe?

Stem cell therapy for hip joints is a safe option to hip replacement or medical procedure, with the stem cells and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) are natural segments that as of now exist in the human body.

Since the doctor collects the stem cells and PRP for the patient’s blood instead than different sources, the no danger of dismissal or damage to the patient’s health. Moreover, the procedure is done by a board-certified orthopedic surgeon.

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