Best Pre and Post Workout Routines

What happens before and after any workout is just as important as what you do during the workout itself. In fact, many fitness enthusiasts will tell you that exercising is the most straightforward part of any fitness program. The activities sandwiching the routine is actually where the hard work lies. Not to worry though as we’ll be taking a look at either side of the divide to set you up for maximum training success. Here goes:

Pre Workout pointers:
1) Quality sleep
Seven hours of uninterrupted shuteye is the general rule of thumb for many trainers with anything less than that bound to compromise your efforts at the gym. By getting enough sleep, your body is at maximum performance functionality, and you, therefore, have more enough to spare for constructive work. Also, sufficient rest ensures your hunger hormones don’t go into overdrive to make up for an energy deficiency which would undermine your fitness altogether.

2) Let water be your best friend
Hydration cuts across both proper pre and post-workout routines and it’s critical since you lose a lot of water while expending vast amounts of energy. Like oil to a car engine, water should be a regular companion wherever you go. Advisably, doctors recommend eight glasses, although you might need more given the extra activity.

3) Always do a dynamic warm-up
No matter how short your workout is, never skip your warm-up. Arm circles, side shuffles, lunges, and leg swings make for excellent introductory exercises to get your body in the mood to exert itself. You can avoid a lot of injuries if you take the time to get into it instead of plunging headfirst into your routine.

Post Workout routine tips:
1) Do some foam rolling or stretch it out or both
It seems counterproductive to get into another exercise after completing a strenuous one, but foam rolling has many post-workout advantages. Most notably, it reduces muscle soreness by hastening blood flow to fatigued tissues. Additionally, it can better your range of motion as well, allowing you to do more next time you’re at it. Light stretches such as the butterfly and the standing hamstring can also have a similar effect.

2) Post-workout nutrition is important
After a hard day at the gym, your red blood cells are desperately scouring your body for proteins and carbohydrates. So always have nutritional post-workout snacks like fresh fruit, jerky, and energy bars, etc. at the ready to get your body back to full speed.

3) Get down to a massage
There are several benefits of a Hong Kong massage as a post-workout activity, including reduced inflammation, decrease soreness and speedy recovery. With local techniques paired with ancient medicine, it will have both mind and body revitalized. You’ll be back to business as usual in no time and approach the next day’s session with a clean slate.

Parting shot
How long do you work out for in a day? An hour at best, maybe two? Well, there are 24 hours in one day, which means you spend the majority of it in a pre or post-workout mode, and that goes to show the necessity of both parts.