Beach day skin care tips

Hurray! Winter vacations are going to start soon. Who does not want to have a fun in sun?

And the most appropriate days for spending time on the beach are approaching. Many of us must be planning for the wonderful beach trip. A day on the beach is full of fun and frolic, but the most important thing is to make sure that we are returning home with the same skin, lips and hair.

The very simple yet important beauty care tip for healthy skin and hair are

  1. Moisturize

Miniaturization is the most important activity in the morning before hitting the sand on the beach. Dry skin will get drier under the skin and will be more prone to tanning. Immediately after the shower, use good moisturizer all over the body and face. Apply some lip balm on the lips for keeping it soft and lovable.

  1. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the like the lifesaver for the skin on the beach day. Bare skin is exposed to sun heat and UV rays and may result in rashes, sunburns etc. Apply the sunscreen beforehand at least 30 minutes to have settling time and reapply the sunscreen if the time span on the beach is getting longer.

  1. Water proof make up

Minimize the makeup on the beach day and use only waterproof makeup. Normal makeup will be washed off with the single wave of the sea and only patched face will be left after that. So apply waterproof makeup for making the look last longer. Waterproof mascara, liner, kajaland foundation are available in the market very easily.

  1. Be Hydrated

Keeping the body and skin hydrated is the most important thing. Keep drinking water all day and even fruit juices and coconut water are also a good optionto keep body energetic and hydrated. Hydration will keep the skin smooth and supple.

  1. A big hat and long T- shirt

Having a big hat for the hair and T-shirt on the body is not at all a bad idea for the relaxing time on the beach. There is a time when we may rest down by laying the sun and at that time we should try to minimize the exposure under the sun. A big hat will protect hair and face; a longT-shirt will keep minimizing the exposure to sun heat and UV rays.

  1. Hair Conditioning

Never miss applying the conditioner on hair. Application of conditioner will keep the hair moisturized and tangle free. Heat protected hair sprays based on argon oil, Moroccan oil etc. are also available in the market which should be used for protecting the hair against the sun heat.

  1. Good After Bath and detan facial pack

A good after the bath is a must after the long beach day. Sea water is full of sodium and chlorine, washing these off with goof after the bath is a must. Properly cleanse your body and apply detan facial packs on the face, neck, arms and hands.

Having the body spa and detan facials from the best beauty salon are a really good option after the beach day to get rid of tanning and to carry forward only memories not tanning